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Wednesday 12. July 2023 – Start 19h00

Free entry. Dancers are welcome! One free drink for all musicians and dancers. Dinner available with prior booking: Tel.+352 2775

Organized by Sang a Klang ASBL and Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Eireann Luxembourg.


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10th and 11th June 2023

Artemysia Theatre asbl presents:
Theatre Weekly Workshops SHOWS

June, the 10th at 19 h
June, the 11th at 19 h

Written by: Priscille-Marie Chevrier, Josué Dovoedo, Natasha Ewert, Susana Figueiredo, Maria Papamargariti, Anne Rasimus

Directed by Raffaella D’Angelo
With: Cristina Bolea, Virginia Bruscella, Ritesh Chaturvedi, Martina D’Avanzo, Antonio Dellagiacoma, 

Josué Dovoedo, Susana Figueiredo, Julien Guillaume, Elena Khomiakova, Sabine Moritz, Dominga Palmisano, 

Luciana Palmisano, Alyce Skiba, Elitsa Stoeva

Artemysia Theatre asbl is delighted to bring this beautiful and heartwarming story to stage. The Show explores themes of self-discovery, resilience and the pursuit of happiness, following four friends – Mimo, Momo, Pipo, and Popo – as they navigate the highs and lows of childhood, adulthood and old age.
“We are all but butterflies” is a tale about the importance of nurturing one’s inner child and keeping our childlike wonder and curiosity alive, embracing the magical moments in life. “We hope that audiences will be transported to the magical world of Momentum and find inspiration in the characters’ journey” says the Artistic Director, Raffaella D’Angelo.

ARISTOPHANIKA: Birds & Lysistrata
June, the 10th at 20.30 h
June, the 11th at 17.30 h

Directed by Raffaella D’Angelo
With: Alexandra da Silva, Josue Dovoedo, Ioana Dragnea,  Francesca Epifania, Natasha Ewert, 

Giacomo Frosi, Nick Fynn, Marcelo Gaston, Sue Levy, Soraya Moradi Bachiller, Irina Nikitina, 

Kateryna Okhrimenko, Roberta Parmini, Jarek Radomyski, Amar Radoncic, Monica Tuduce.

Artemysia Theatre is proud to announce its latest production: a double bill of Aristophanes’ Birds and Lysistrata.  “Birds”, a comedic play originally performed in ancient Athens (414 B.C.) tells the story of two Athenians who, fed up with the corruption and bureaucracy of their city, seek refuge in the utopian birds’ city of Numbikukulia. “Lysistrata”, another comedic play, follows the women of Athens as they withhold sex from their husbands in order to end the Peloponnesian War.
“We are excited to bring these two classic plays to the stage and present them in a fresh and relevant way,” said Raffaella D’Angelo, Artistic Director of the Multicultural Theatre Company. “Through our production of “Birds” and “Lysistrata”, we hope to showcase the cultural diversity of our community and spark meaningful conversations about the issues that continue to affect us today.”

Theatre Sang a Klang, 1 – rue de Trois Glands

Language : English

Tickets: 10 euro, 15 euro for 2 shows

Places are reserved following a transfer to the Association account:

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Release Concert – TANGERINE TREES – Opening Act – SUN SMASH PALACE

Luxembourg-City, April 18 2023 – The Tangerine Trees, a Luxembourgish indie-rock band, is excited to announce the release of their self-titled debut album. Recorded and mixed by Charles Stoltz at Holtz Studios in Tuntange, the album features original songs that strike a balance between introspective lyrics and catchy melodies. Formed in 2006, the band’s reunion in 2018 has led to the creation of this milestone album, drawing inspiration from iconic bands such as The Libertines, The Strokes, and Arctic Monkeys.

To celebrate the album’s release, The Tangerine Trees will perform live at ‘Sang a Klang’ in Pfaffenthal, Luxembourg City on May 12, 2023. The opening act will be the Luxembourgish band “Sun Smash Palace”. Tickets for the concert are on sale now and can be purchased online ( or on site (box office).

Luxembourg-Ville, 18 avril 2023 – The Tangerine Trees, un groupe luxembourgeois d’indie-rock, est heureux d’annoncer la sortie de son premier album éponyme. Enregistré et mixé par Charles Stoltz aux studios Holtz à Tuntange, l’album propose des chansons originales qui trouvent un équilibre entre des paroles introspectives et des mélodies accrocheuses. Formé en 2006, le groupe s’est réuni en 2018 pour créer cet album marquant, s’inspirant de groupes emblématiques tels que The Libertines, The Strokes et Arctic Monkeys.

Pour célébrer la sortie de l’album, The Tangerine Trees se produira en live au ‘Sang a Klang’ à Pfaffenthal, dans la ville de Luxembourg, le 12 mai 2023. La première partie sera assurée par le groupe luxembourgeois “Sun Smash Palace”. Les billets pour le concert sont en vente dès maintenant et peuvent être achetés en ligne ( ou sur place.

Luxemburg-Stadt, 18. April 2023 – The Tangerine Trees, eine luxemburgische Indie-Rock-Band, freut sich, die Veröffentlichung ihres selbstbetitelten Debütalbums bekannt geben zu können. Das Album wurde von Charles Stoltz in den Holtz Studios in Tuntange aufgenommen und gemischt und bietet originelle Songs, die eine Balance zwischen introspektiven Texten und eingängigen Melodien finden. Die 2006 gegründete Band kam 2018 wieder zusammen, um dieses markante Album zu schaffen, wobei sie sich vom Sound ikonischer Bands wie The Libertines, The Strokes und Arctic Monkeys inspirieren ließ.

Um die Veröffentlichung des Albums zu feiern, werden The Tangerine Trees am 12. Mai 2023 im ‘Sang a Klang’ in Pfaffenthal, in der Stadt Luxemburg, ein Live-Konzert geben. Als Vorgruppe wird die luxemburgische Band “Sun Smash Palace” auftreten. Tickets für das Konzert sind ab sofort erhältlich und können online ( oder vor Ort gekauft werden.

Link Online Tickets – Presale 8€:


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1, rue des Trois Glands

L-1629 Luxembourg/Pafendall

Sonndes, den 30. Abrëll vu 16h00 – 01h00

Präis vun der Entrée: 5€ 

 Mee-Bal mat Lëtzebuerger Danz-Musek

mam lokalen DJ Jang Stefanetti aus dem Dall

16h00 – 01h00 – DJ JANG STEFANETTI –

Speziellt Mee Gedrénks

MaiTrank vu Feller Fläsch 75cl – 12 €,

Met vu Cranyx© Fläsch 75cl – 12 €,

Met-Béier vu Cranyx©/Simon Humpen 30cl – 6 €

Danz Concours mat Präis-Iwwerreechung – Sonndes Owes

Méindes, den 1. Mee vu 11h00 – 18h00

Entrée Fräi

De MeeKranz vum Chouer aus dem Sang a Klang gëtt feierlech opgehaangen em


duerno ass eng 

Seance Académique mat Concert vun der Chorale Sang a Klang

Film & Musek vum Jean Ziata

14h00 – 18h00 – DJ OBELUX –

Menü vum MaiTrank mat Danz: 10 €

Sonndes a Méindes

Wirschtercher mat Gromperenzalot


Lënsenzopp mat Mettwurscht

W.e.g. am Viraus reservéieren beim Jasmina

Tel Jasmina: 2775 8999 

2. JULFEST (Chrëschtfest vun de Kelten) am Sang a Klang den, 17. an 18.12.2022

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Et ass erëm esou wäit, et ass Chrëschtdags-Zäit am Sang a Klang, an wéi all Joer organiséieren mir onsen Chrëschtmaart mat flotten Stänn, Tombola, Film, Live Concerten, Jéinesche Staminee, Musek, Bimbo Theater asw…

Fir ze Drénken ass gesuergt: Feuerzangen-Bowle mat Groussem Zockerhut, Waarme Met a Waarmen Äppeljus mat Calvados, Gin oder Amaretto, Fragolino

Fir ze Iessen ass gesuergt: Rissois, Pasteis, Chrëscht-Plat asw

Kaffi a Kuch

Ufank 11h00 – 21h00

Entrée Libre